The Consecration Of Esthme: An Indie Horror Game To Keep You On Your Feet

The Consecration Of Esthme

In this post, the two creators of The Consecration Of Esthme talk about the thrill they caused by creating their indie game. The Consecration Of Esthme is not a strict horror game per se, but rather it endeavors to provide a series of feelings that make it seem like a horror game. They talk about plans for future updates and new things in development for their game!

However, it does strive to offer certain feelings that may cause it to be classified as one. Cyanide Studios is an indie development team based in Lille, France, there to make games for which we can all share our passion & be part of the adventure experience!
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What is the Consecration Of Esthme?
The Consecration Of Esthme

The Consecration Of Esthme is a horror game that is set within a dark and ominous world. Players take on the role of a priest, who must guide an innocent girl to safety after she is kidnapped by sadistic monsters. The game features a unique and exciting combat system, which requires players to use strategy in order to defeat their foes. Consecration of Esthme has a playtime of fewer than 4 hours. It is hosted by, the official gaming store for the Nexus Mods Community!* (it would be best if this was updated to make more sense before release) It will contain: The Cliffs DwellerMod MenuGame intro (starting at around 18 minutes on YouTube)Game with all quests complete in Adv/Exterra

How does it play?

The Consecration of Esthme is a horror game that is set in a haunted school. You play as a student who has to escape a school while staying alive. The game is played through a series of puzzles and challenges, which require you to use your cunning and intelligence to survive.

The Consecration Of Esthme Storytelling and Horror
The Consecration Of Esthme

A game about consecration and horror? Yep, that’s Esthme, an indie horror game I’m telling you about. The journey itself is a test of character, and Esthme is more than just a scary game. It confronts you with moral choices that stay with you long after the credits roll 

Esthme revolves around a priest performing an ancient ritual to consecrate a haunted house. As the priest, your job is to keep both the people inside and the cursed objects at bay while recording your proceedings for posterity. However, things soon go awry and it’s up to you to figure out what caused the haunting in the house in the first place and put an end to it before everyone inside dies. 

The evil lurking within this haunted home will do whatever it takes to Claim Its Soul–even if that means killing everyone inside. And even though it sounds like a straightforward Horror Game, Esthme is actually based on Greek mythology which makes it all the eviler. Prepare yourself for twisted puzzles, horrifying sights and sounds, and some of the most challenging gameplay imaginable as you try to survive until morning. 

What Makes The Consecration Of Esthme Game Unique?

When it comes to horror games, the industry is flooded with a plethora of choices. However, one game that stands out from the rest is Esthme. This game focuses on unique horror mechanics that keep players on their toes. Additionally, the game is set in a dark and eerie world that will leave players feeling uneasy. In addition to these features, Esthme also has an amazing cast of characters that players can interact with. So, if you are looking for a truly unique horror experience, then Esthme should be at the top of your list. GameplayA musical horror game might seem like a strange choice for fans of the genre. However, Esthme is much more than simply dancing in your underwear for joy.

This game focuses on the music rather than just telling the player to do push-ups and yell at them until they die. There are some interesting mechanics that make this a unique experience. Not only can players explore their surroundings but they can also evolve their character’s set of abilities with the use of various songs.

Rather than high excitement levels, this makes things feel a lot more relaxed and natural which makes it easier to incorporate into real life.GraphicsWhen it comes to horror games, graphics is one of the most important features. A game’s visuals can help enforce mood

How To Play This Game?

Esthme is an indie horror game that you can play on your PC or Mac. You control the camera and use it to navigate the dark, eerie environment. The game currently has two endings which you can unlock by playing through the game multiple times.

Future Plans For The Consecration Of Esthme

The Consecration of Esther is my first game created entirely from scratch. I have been working on the game for about two years and it is finally near completion. There is still a lot of polish and bug fixing to do. Below are some future plans for the game that I am looking forward to completing:
More levels
Adding more bosses
Extra content (i.e. extra characters, subsections, etc.)
Creating a sequel

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