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Lorano Carter is an Oklahoma City native who began sculpting when she was 3 years old. After working in a variety of artistic mediums, she finally found a way to make her art accessible to all – by creating sculptures that are affordable and can be easily placed on any porch or sidewalk. In this blog post,loranocarter+oklahoma shares how working with AI software has helped her create innovative sculptures that can be shared with the world. ~~~

Urban Sculpture.

My name is Lorano Carter, and I’m the founder of Urban Sculpture. Urban Sculpture has been producing sculptures that are affordable, beautiful, and easily placed on public property since 2008. I’ve never worked with AI software before, but I decided to partner with an AI image recognition service for my next project. This post will explain how it worked out for me and show you exactly what the process was like.

When I started Urban Sculpture in 2008, I wanted to make my art accessible to everyone – whether they had a lot of money or not! My goal was to create beautiful art that could be ordered from the comfort of their own home without having to hire someone else to do


Introduction loranocarter+oklahoma

Carter, of Oklahoma City, makes a living creating sculptures from recycled materials. After years of working with different mediums, she has perfected her craft and now creates pieces that are both beautiful and sustainable. Carter’s art is inspired by nature and the human form. She uses recycled materials to create her sculptures, which allows her to create art that is environmentally friendly and affordable. Her pieces are often displayed in public places, such as parks, libraries, and museums.

If you’re interested in learning more about Carter’s work or want to purchase a piece of her art, visit her website or contact her through social media.

loranocarter+oklahoma An Oklahoma City Native Turns Sculpting Into A Career

Lorano Carter started sculpting when she was just 10 years old. The Oklahoman was born and raised in Oklahoma City, but she moved to New York City at 18 to study art. After two years in the Big Apple, Carter returned home and started sculpting full-time. Her sculptures are realistic and depict scenes from everyday life. Carter has exhibited her work around the world, including in Tokyo, London, Berlin, Rome, and Paris. In 2014, she was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.


Phoenix, AZ: Artistic Success In A Stereotyped City


Lorano Carter is a self-taught artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who has spent the last two decades carving a successful career out of his sculptures.  Born and raised in the heart of Oklahoma City, Lorano discovered his love for art at an early age. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Lorano began sculpting out of necessity – using everyday objects as mediums to communicate his message.

Over time, Lorano’s work evolved into something more complex and refined – showcasing his unique sense of visual storytelling. Today, Lorano resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he continues to create stunning sculptures that capture the essence of human nature.

Creating Sculptures By Hand And Using Sculpture As Therapy loranocarter+oklahoma


Lorano Carter is an Oklahoma City native who has been sculpting since she was a child. Growing up, Carter loved to create sculptures with her father and brothers. When she was in college, she decided to make a career out of sculpting, and now she does it full-time. Her sculptures are often inspired by nature and feature intricate details that capture the beauty of the world around her.

Carter uses sculpture as a therapy to help her deal with personal issues. “I use my art as a way to express my emotions and to process them,” she says. “I find that sculpture allows me to be creative, expressive, and totally alone with my work.”

Conclusion Of Loranocarter+Oklahoma

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend a lot of time looking at sculptures. This local artist has been sculpting for over 25 years, and his pieces are nothing short of stunning. Whether he’s creating large-scale statues or intricate miniature pieces, Carter always manages to bring an element of beauty and artistry to every piece he creates.

So if the sculpture isn’t your thing, but you still want to see some beautiful art in person, be sure to head to Oklahoma City and check out the work of Lorano Carter! true Related Articles

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